How are Canadian employers adjusting to the growing trend towards remote work?

When COVID-19 arrived in March 2020, lockdowns caused a rapid and forced shift to working from home for many employees. Over a year and a half later, remote work, even across provincial and international borders, is becoming increasingly common. These trends have major implications for employers.
In this context, the Canadian Payroll Association engaged PwC Canada to study the impacts of remote and cross-border work, with a focus on implications for payroll. The results are now available in a new report entitled: Remote and cross-border employment trends – is Canada ready?
Highlights of the research findings include:

  • New work arrangements may help address skill shortages faced by employers in several core sectors of the economy.
  • Remote work can help employers retain and attract talent by providing employees the flexibility to choose where they work and by expanding the talent pool.
  • Remote and flexible work can facilitate workplace equity, including accommodating those with childcare or eldercare responsibilities and those with disabilities.

The study also provides practical considerations for employers interested in new work arrangements and identifies areas where government policy could support remote and cross-border work.
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