Work Space in the Home Expenses

Payroll professionals are busier than ever with year-end, following an unprecedented year.

In addition to managing the complex details of various government benefits and subsidies, along with the new T4 slip reporting requirements for 2020, many payroll professionals are fielding calls from employees regarding T2200/T2200S forms and work from home expenses.

The Canadian Payroll Association has prepared a Q&A to help answer these common questions.

Some questions addressed include:

  • What does this mean for payroll?
  • What is considered a working day for the $2 per day calculation?
  • What about situations where the employer did not require the to work from home, but allowed it upon request?
  • Can an employer refuse to sign a T2200/T2200S form?

In addition, the Q&A provides guidance on common expenses and eligibility. For this information and more, download the Work Space in the Home Expenses Frequently Asked Questions.