Termination Checklist

Please select the action items required for a termination of employment in your organization to create a customized checklist.

Payments and Other Payroll-related Actions

ItemAction to be takenSelect
Final pay periodAvoid overpayments of salary and ensure correct insurable hours and dollars
Vacation payUnused vacation balance of ______ days paid out: $_________
Vacation accrual paid out: $_________
Overtime/banked hoursUnpaid overtime paid out: $_________
Banked sick daysRefer to company policy
CommissionsRefer to company policy
Advances/drawsRefer to company policy
Call-in PayEnsure day of termination is not included as part of payment in lieu of notice
Legislated payment in lieu of notice (if insufficient working notice provided)Calculate and determine if vacation must accrue and if pensions/benefits must be maintained
Ensure CPP, EI, QPIP, and income taxes are calculated (no QPP)
Severance Pay/ Retiring AllowanceCalculate, determine eligible and non-eligible portions
Calculated income tax using lump-sum rates
Salary ContinuanceCalculate and determine if vacation must accrue and ensure pensions/benefits are maintained
Calculate C/QPP, EI, QPIP and income taxes
RRSP/RPP TransfersAsk if employee would like to transfer any portion of final payment to an RRSP, RPP or DPSP (see CPA’s sample Retiring Allowance Transfer Form)
Legal orders to pay/garnishmentsAdvise courts if employee had any Requirements to Pay, Family Maintenance or other garnishments.
Verify order for requirements upon termination
ExpenseAdvise employee of options
Written permission to deduct any advances from last pay
Record of EmploymentPrepare accurately and within legislated time frame


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