Payroll Continuity Plan (PCP) Checklist

Action to be taken


Create the plan to identify key business process as it relates to HR, Payroll Systems

Document time collection and management process

Document job data collection and approvals

Create remittance schedules and processes

Document direct deposit (cheque) process

>Document termination procedures, including Record of Employment (ROE)

>Document post payroll reports - i.e. general ledger, accruals

>Develop third party payments reports

>Develop remote payroll processing capabilities (include offsite arrangements)

>Create recovery data on USB/flash drives/cloud storage

>Develop areas of responsibilities (who does what)

>Develop the Payroll Business Continuity Planning (PCP) toolkit

>Create list of external key contacts, for example, financial institution, Service Canada (ROE Web), Canada Revenue Agency

>Create list of internal key contacts, for example, human resources, IT, finance, leadership in key roles,

>Create ‘Communication Plan’

>Create ‘Quick Response Guide’

>Obtain authorization from senior leadership and key stakeholders

>Assign an owner to the plan, also responsible to implement testing of PCP



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