New Hire Checklist

Start Date and Beyond

ItemAction to be takenSelect
Company website/newsletterAdd new employee’s bio on company website (Intranet and/or Internet) and/or newsletter
Newspaper and industry announcementsAnnounce new hire in newspapers and/or industry newsletters if applicable
Internal communicationsCandidate communicates common name for internal communication purposes
Emergency Contact DetailsNew employee to provide Emergency Contact Information
New Hire authorization formReceive new hire authorization form from Human Resources or manager
TD1/TP1015.3-VReceive employee completed TD1/TP-1015.3-V forms with legal name and SIN for personal tax credits purposes
CPP statusAsk for copy of CPT30 election form if employee is 65-70, in receipt of a CPP/QPP retirement pension and is electing/has elected to stop CPP contributions
Social Insurance Number (SIN)Validate employee’s SIN (If temporary 900-series, also need to check expiration date and valid working papers)
Must be available to employer within 3 days of new hire date (subject to penalties if employee refuses)
Do not keep photocopy due to privacy
Employee addressFor T4 issuance, pay statement, group benefits
BirthdateFor CPP, group benefits, company pension, RRSP
Payroll set-upEmployee set up on payroll under the correct department/cost centre
Employee set up for either time and attendance or as salaried employee with exception reporting
Employee set up in correct location for employment/labour standards
Voided cheque(s)For direct deposit and allocation of net pay (100% in one account, or split if multiple accounts are permitted)
Electronic pay statement authorizationWritten employee authorization received for electronic pay statements if not a valid condition of employment
Electronic T4/RL-1 authorizationWritten employee authorization received for electronic year-end slips
Benefits enrolment/waiver formsEnrolment/waiver forms received for group benefits including beneficiary information (should also name a trustee if beneficiary is a minor)
PensionEnrolment/waiver forms for company pension plan/DPSP/RRSP/TFSA (If employee already contributed to another plan this tax year, watch CRA maximums)
Collective agreement information (if applicable)Signed union enrolment
Dues and initiation fees
Automobile/vehicleCar allowance/reimbursement arrangements if employee using own vehicle
Automobile/vehicle assignment/selection if provided with company car
License plate ________________________
Odometer reading _____________________
Provide logbook and detailed explanation/illustration of how to complete
Parking space assigned to employee if applicable
Company credit cardExplain and have employee sign off on company’s expense policy/protocol
Issue company credit card to new hire
Employee discount cardExplain and have employee sign off on company’s discount policy
Issue employee discount card to new hire
Room & boardMake room & board arrangements or allocate living allowance if applicable
Travel passes/taxi vouchersIssue plane/train travel passes/ taxi vouchers if necessary
Office servicesErgonomic Assessment
Additional Furniture required
Order business cards
Phone list for Help Desk and other key contacts
Mail slot assignment
Interoffice mail flow
Courier instructions
Boardroom booking procedures
Intranet/library resources
Process for ordering supplies
Office suppliesIssue office supplies for company or home office
Company informationProvide general company information to new hire including:
     • Historical context
     • Organizational charts
     • Key departments/individuals
     • Volunteer committees
     • Social activities
     • Community engagement
     • Proximity/nearby services
     • Gym, cafeteria/restaurants
     • Floor plans and office map
Safety and evacuationFirst aid kits
Defibrillating machines
Fire extinguishers
Fire and emergency marshals
Policy, education and associated sign-offsWork safety explanations and employee sign-off
Acceptable use of company resources policy
Waste streams and environmental concerns (eg. for recycling/organic collection and paper reduction – printing double-sided)
Collective Social Responsibility
Employee Conduct
Diversity and inclusion acceptance/sign-off
Harassment Policy
Education policy and resources
Performance evaluations (goals, objectives) and talent management (tuition reimbursement)
Absence guidelines (peak season, holiday closures, blackout periods)
Executive medical exams
Employee HandbookIssue employee handbook and offer explanations
Receive employee’s sign-off on employee handbook and policies


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