New Hire Checklist

Prior To Start Date

ItemAction to be takenSelect
Acceptance letterSuccessful candidate has accepted offer of employment
When and where to arrive
Who to report to
Parking information
Pay/deduction frequency and first pay date
Staff announcementCreate staff announcement introducing new employee
Orientation/induction planSet up and circulate an orientation/induction plan to all necessary departments/individuals
Office set-upOffice space and name plates
Furniture required
Mail slot assignment
Add to company’s email and phone directories
Access to employee
Disability accommodationsSet up disability accommodations/modifications if necessary
Parking spaceArrange/assign parking space if necessary
Security accessSet up new employee’s access to building(s) and issue key, badge, alarm codes, etc.
IT setupComputer/laptop, printer, including password login
Email address
Network access including virtual private network (VPN) if necessary
Office phone/long distance code/voicemail activation, code, script
Cell phone/smart phone/personal digital assistant (PDA)
Home office set-up if necessary


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