New Hire Checklist

Employee Handbook Contents

ItemAction to be takenSelect
Probationary periodDuration, progress review
Hours of workRegular hours, overtime, banked lieu time, callin/standby pay, summer hours
Rest periods and breaksEntitlement
VacationEntitlement, vacation requests, banking/carrying forward vacation
Statutory/public holidaysEntitlement, statutory/public holiday pay
Religious observanceEntitlement, requesting time off
Floater daysEntitlement, requesting time off
Sick daysEntitlement, doctor’s notes, unused sick credits
Personal daysEntitlement, requesting time off
BereavementEntitlement, definitions of recognized relationships
Professional daysEntitlement, pre-approval
Jury dutyExplanation of whether salary will continue and whether employee obligated to reimburse any court awarded allowances
Maternity/paternity/parental/ad option leaveEntitlement, required notice by employer, top-up provisions
Short/long-term disabilityQualifying criteria, procedures/forms for applying
Compassionate care leaveEntitlement, required notice by employer
Reservist leaveEntitlement, required notice by employer
Group benefitsEntitlement, employee portion of premiums (if applicable)
Pension/DPSP/RRSP/TFSAEntitlement, employee contributions (if applicable)
Taxable benefits/allowancesEntitlement, frequency of reporting/payments
BonusPerformance, holiday, discretionary
Service awardsEntitlements
Tuition reimbursementEntitlement, pre-approval, requests for reimbursement
Deduction from wagesExplanation of deductions: statutory, company compulsory, voluntary
Expense reimbursementPre-approval, requests for reimbursement
Garnishment against wagesExplanation of employee and employer responsibilities
Workplace safety/Worker’s compensationSafety policies, forms, payments
Internet/company computer policiesExplanation of policies
Phone/cell phone policiesExplanation of policies
Travel policiesTravel time policy (meeting at least employment/labour standards)
Approval Process
Travel/online booking agent(s)
Taxi/limo services
List of preferred hotels/discount codes
Child/pet/elder/home care options during absences
Alcohol liability at company events policyExplanation of policies and sign-off form
Anti-harassment/bullying policiesAcceptable behaviour with co-workers, management, clients, visitors
Scent-free policyExplanation of policy
Dress codeExplanation of policy
Privacy/confidentialityExplanation of policies regarding co-workers, clients/customers, volunteers, public
Company fraudExplanation of what may be deemed to be fraud including repercussions
Termination of employmentGrounds for dismissal
Explanation of entitlement to payments upon termination (legislated or company policy if greater)
Record of Employment (ROE)
AppendicesAttendance records template with illustrated example (if applicable)
Time off request forms (vacation, banked lieu time, religious observance, floater/personal days, professional, bereavement, jury duty)
RRSP transfer for retirement allowance/bonus/other
Tuition reimbursement form
Expense reimbursement template with illustrated example
Enrolment/waiver forms for group benefits and company pension plan/DPSP/RRSP/TFSA
Beneficiary allocation sheet with illustrated examples
Benefits claim forms with illustrated examples
Employee sign-off sheets for company policies
Links/paths and explanations to complete all of the above online using the company’s network/Intranet/Internet systems


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