Members of the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) come from organizations all across Canada, but share a demonstrated commitment to their work in payroll and the elevation of the profession. In recognition of this, we have created the CPA Corporate Shield.

The CPA Corporate Shield is a way to display your ongoing commitment to efficient, compliant payroll practices. Share this proudly to vendors, partners, employees, future talent or anyone else that may stop by your website. It shows that your organization has invested in its payroll department and its ability to quickly and accurately compensate employees, adapting to changes in legislature and responding to the needs of the workforce. Compensation is a hugely important aspect of the employee experience, and payroll plays a big part in ensuring talent is engaged and happy at work.

Organizations who are CPA members have taken a significant step to ensure they have access to the best payroll resources, training and advice available, and that is something to be proud of. As an organizational member of the CPA you are among 40,000 professionals elevating payroll experience with THE association for the payroll profession in Canada.

Download and add the CPA Corporate Shield to your website today. You’ve earned it!

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