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Navigating the New Normal: Effective Leadership Fundamentals - 3 part series

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This 3-part webinar series will equip Managers with the tangible skills they need to effectively lead their people through the best of times and during times of uncertainty. Topics will include how to be a great leader for your people, how to engage and motivate your people, as well as the importance of recognizing the right behaviours for the right reasons.


Session 1: Tailoring Your Leadership Approach

Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Session 1 of the "Navigating the New Normal: Effective Leadership Fundamentals" series

Great leaders understand that leadership is not “one-size-fits-all”. Each employee requires different types of support and guidance. It is important for leaders to take the time to get to know their people to recognize their likes, dislikes, drivers, and de-motivators. By promoting and role modeling self-awareness and emotional intelligence, leaders can establish a team sub-culture built on a foundation of openness and trust.

Session 2: Building and Re-building Engagement

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Session 2 of the "Navigating the New Normal: Effective Leadership Fundamentals" series

Ensuring your employees are engaged is essential during the best of times, but even more so during times of uncertainty and change. When times are tough, an employee can quickly transition through the engagement spectrum from engaged to disengaged which can greatly impact productivity and your bottom-line. This session will help people leaders discover the importance of keeping a pulse on happiness levels and provide them with practical tips on how to re-build employee engagement levels.


Session 3: Using Motivation and Recognition Effectively

Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Session 3 of the "Navigating the New Normal: Effective Leadership Fundamentals" series

When employees look to a leader, they not only look for guidance and support, but also for motivation and recognition. Effective leaders create a work environment in which employees feel important, appreciated and have a sense of purpose. Through this session, participants will understand that when employees feel motivated, they are likely to strive for new goals which they never thought possible.


Dispelling the Myths on Conditions of Employment (Forms T2200/TP-64.3)

Date: Thursday, March 4, 2021

It's that time of year again, when employees may ask their employer to complete a T2200 and/or a TP-64.3 form. As a condition of employment, an employee may be required pay their own expenses while conducting business for their employer. In order to claim deductions for those expenses on their personal tax return the employee requires verification from their employer that this condition of employment exists.

Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund (WSDRF)

Date: Friday, April 9, 2021

Did you know: If you are a Quebec employer and your total payroll is over $2 million, you will need to invest a minimum of 1% of your total payroll as eligible training expenditures as your contribution towards the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund (WSDRF)? Join the CPA for our webinar series lineup.


Senior Leadership Part 1: Expanding Your Leadership Abilities

Archived: available until March 4, 2021

The Canadian Payroll Association is excited to offer a 3-part webinar series for Senior Leaders, focusing on many of the fundamental skills that Managers require to be successful people-leaders. Topics covered will include: Expanding Your Leadership Abilities, Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching, and Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations.

Expanding Your Leadership Abilities will provide you with the necessary tools to identify how to “live leadership behaviours.” We will help participants identify their strengths and potential developmental areas, enabling them to better focus on developing the skills necessary to be an effective leader.

Senior Leadership Part 2: Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching

Archived: available until March 11, 2021

The Canadian Payroll Association is excited to offer a 3-part webinar series for Senior Leaders, focusing on many of the fundamental skills that Managers require to be successful people-leaders. Topics covered will include: Expanding Your Leadership Abilities, Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching, and Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations.

Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching will focus on building effective feedback and coaching skills for leaders, providing the foundation for managing people, and sharing the importance of effective performance management practices.

Senior Leadership Part 3: Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations

Archived: available until March 24, 2021

The Canadian Payroll Association is excited to offer a 3-part webinar series for Senior Leaders, focusing on many of the fundamental skills that Managers require to be successful people-leaders. Topics covered will include: Expanding Your Leadership Abilities, Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching, and Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations.

Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations will help you maximize the performance of staff, co-workers and colleagues, both individually and as a team, by provided participants with different communication styles and tools required for different conversations.

Payroll Continuity Planning: How Prepared Is Your Organization?

Archived: available until March 25, 2021

With the current uncertainty around COVID-19 would your organization be prepared to ensure continuity in the execution of the payroll?  We have seen many instances where payrolls have been impacted by major events like a fire, natural disaster, a weather event or health events such as SARS, the Swine Flu and now COVID-19. Paying employees accurately and on time is one of the most critical functions for an organization. With many Canadians living paycheque to paycheque, ensuring payroll continuity is crucial to the very financial survival of employees. This informative webinar, facilitated by industry experts, will take you through the tools and processes needed to ensure your organization’s payroll is prepared for potential business interruptions.

Legislated Leaves - Q&A From Payroll InfoLine

Archived: available until March 26, 2021

During this unprecedented time, employers are dealing with various types of paid and unpaid leaves of absence from the workplace. These range from employees required to self-quarantine, to those needing time off to act as a caregiver to a sick family member. Most recently announced leaves have all had an impact on employers. Join the experts from the Canadian Payroll Association as we answer your questions live on March 26, 2020.

Cost Containment in a Time of Crisis - Best Practices for Your Employee Benefit Program

Archived: available until April 24, 2021

You’ve been asked to cut costs wherever possible. One potential area for savings is your employee benefits program, but cutting costs does not have to mean cutting coverage. In fact, there are many ways to reduce your costs within your employee benefits plan without negatively affecting your coverage. Join the experts from People Corporation as they outline the latest trends in employee benefits and answer your questions live.


Producing the Record of Employment During an Economic Crisis

Archived: available until May 1, 2021

The high volume of ROEs issued as a result of COVID-19 has left many payroll professionals second guessing themselves and asking questions such as when are we required to issue the ROE? What reason codes should we be using when issuing the ROE? When is it necessary to amend the ROE? Join subject matter experts from the Canadian Payroll Association, Service Canada and special guest, Judith Andrew, Commissioner for Employers, Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

Navigating Employment Law, HR, and Payroll Issues During a Pandemic

Archived: available until May 7, 2021

Employers are all experiencing the same uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that you have many questions and concerns related to your role, and we are here to support you during this difficult and unprecedented time. To assist with this situation, we are offering a one-of-a-kind webinar that features insights from leading experts in Payroll, HR, and Employment Law. Please join us as we partner with MaxPeople and Rodney Employment Law in a panel discussion and live question and answer session.


Statutory Holidays: Ensuring Compliance

Archived: available until May 13, 2021

Payroll practitioners have a big responsibility in transforming legislation into organizational policy. Given that there are so many aspects of employment and labour standards legislation and regulation that are multifaceted, this can be a challenge. The webinar will cover the federal, provincial and territorial legislation related to statutory holidays for all jurisdictions across Canada and will examine the following issues: Statutory holiday observance; employee entitlement; statutory holiday pay requirements for eligible employees; overtime calculation in weeks where there is a statutory holiday and much more.

Best Practices for your Group Retirement Plan

Archived: available until July 16, 2021

When times were good and everyone was steadily making gains inside their pensions, employees were generally content about your Group Retirement Program. But what about now when employees see their investments have lost 20% to 30% of their value and more? Prepare yourself now for the upcoming deluge of questions and concerns about your group retirement program.


Correcting Payroll Errors and Repayment of Salary or Wages

Archived: available until  August 13, 2021

Most payroll practitioners have, at one time or another, had to deal with a payroll error or have been tasked with recovering a repayment of salary or wages. This informative webinar will provide you with the most recent legislative changes and assist you and your organization in implementing payroll best practices regarding the administrative requirements under the most common situations employers may encounter.


Work-sharing and Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Program

Archived: available until September 29, 2021

There are programs from Service Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada to provide employers options for avoiding permanent layoffs. This includes the Temporary Special Measures that have been implemented due to COVID-19. Join the Canadian Payroll Association and speakers from Service Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada for a complimentary webinar on Work-Sharing and Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Program.


New and Emerging HR Trends and Best Practices

Archived: available until October 8, 2021

Best practices in one organization may not necessarily be the best practices in your company. However, there are certain principles and practices in the field of human resources management that are universally recognized as leading to more productive and engaged employees and an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice.

While certain fads come and go, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends that impact your ability to attract, retain, and motivate top talent and manage the ever-increasing legal and regulatory burden placed on employers.

In this webinar you will learn about current trends and emerging best practices relating to human capital metrics and reporting, flexible work arrangements, the contingent workforce, the duty to accommodate, rewards and recognition, learning and development, talent acquisition, succession planning, diversity and inclusion, candidate and employee experience, employer branding and more.


What's Keeping Your HR Colleagues Up at Night?

Archived: available until October 30, 2021

While HR and payroll are very different professions, there is a major overlap between the HR and payroll functions with respect to areas of responsibility and body of knowledge. In many cases, payroll and HR need to work very closely together to deliver people-related programs, and payroll professionals need to understand issues and concerns faced by their colleagues in the HR function. Many of these issues are the same strategic concerns being pondered by executives in your organization.

These issues include return to work challenges relating to COVID-19, skill and talent shortages, employee motivation, retention and engagement, attracting and retaining diverse talent, increased digitization of the economy and fears about the disruption of many departments, functions, and even entire industries.


Payroll Analytics and Reporting

Archived: available until October 30, 2021

As payroll moves away from being a clerical task to a more analytical and strategic function, payroll professionals should be prepared to produce and analyze various payroll reports to provide a narrative to management on issues surrounding payroll costs, headcount and employee turnover. This informative webinar will assist you in developing reports to enable you to make key decisions and provide greater insight into data analytics on payroll costs and performance management.


Tips and Strategies for Payroll Professionals Wearing Multiple Hats

Archived: available until December 9, 2021

Research conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association shows that the majority of payroll professionals handle other responsibilities beyond payroll.

This is particularly true in smaller organizations and employers that have outsourced payroll processing to a third party provider. Whether you are part payroll professional and part HR practitioner, accountant, office manager, entrepreneur or executive assistant, you need to be able to balance the often conflicting demands of different aspects of your role. You also need to understand the goals and objectives of different functions, be able to delegate efficiently and effectively, manage your workload, work with trusted advisors and access professional development opportunities relating to different parts of your role.

In this webinar you will learn tips and strategies for managing multiple and conflicting priorities, delegating tasks to others, leading projects, managing internal and external relationships, working with outsourcing providers and consultants, giving pushback, managing your career and developing and acquiring the skills necessary to make you more effective in your current role.


Temporary Simplified Work From Home Deduction and the New T2200S Form

Archived: available until January 22, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian employees are working from home as a result of COVID19. Both the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec have announced a temporary simplified method for claiming a deduction for work-from-home expenses for the 2020 tax year. This method will permit an employee to claim up to $400 without the need to maintain detailed receipts or obtain a signed employer declaration.


Payroll Balancing and Reconciliation

Archived: available until January 29, 2022

Payroll processing can be complex. Payroll professionals must give thorough attention to the management of payroll data, including from the point of compiling pay information through complete reconciliation between the payroll worksheets, the payroll company’s reports, and the general ledger.

This is especially true in 2020 as there will be added complexities during the year-end balancing process for employers who took advantage of the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy and other government programs.

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