Introduction to Quebec Year-end

A foundational course designed for payroll practitioners preparing year-end for the first time or for payroll professionals, accountants and managers who need a refresher on the year-end process, specific to Quebec.

AVAILABLE: Online Only

Payroll Administration in Quebec (2-Day)

An introductory course designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of payroll in Quebec.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Quebec Labor Standards and CNESST Requirements

This seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the standards of employment within Quebec. It includes an overview of key areas including: hours of work, holidays, leaves, paid and unpaid leaves, vacations, terminations, records retention,  CNESST requirements and labour standards concerning pay equity and harassment.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Statement of Wages Filed with CNESST (Quebec only)

This seminar is for everyone who must file the Statement of Wages form for the CNESST in Quebec, or who are interested in issues concerning the calculation of insurance premiums. Learn how to declare only what you must before your annual filing due each March.

AVAILABLE: Classroom