Frequently Asked Questions

Easily find the answers to your questions on membership, professional development programs, certification and JobConnect!

JobConnectTM is the Canadian Payroll Association's exclusive job board. It is designed to assist members seeking new job opportunities and help employers solve staffing needs. Employers can post jobs whether or not they are a Canadian Payroll Association member. Find out more here.

Employers can securely and easily post, edit and delete jobs; be notified instantly of potential qualified candidates; search our extensive resume database; and take advantage of extremely competitive pricing plans.

We offer employers a variety of competitively priced packages to choose from, open to both CPA members and non-members. However, only CPA members benefit from discounted rates and have access to all the postings.

You do not have to be a member of the CPA to post on JobConnect. Non-members can create non-member accounts to place JobConnect ads, register for events and order other CPA products. However, only CPA members receive 20% off all JobConnect posting and resume review services, and have access to all the postings. 

Click here for information about becoming a CPA member.

Yes. Once you have created your account, with your primary and billing contact information, and have purchased your JobConnect credit(s), you will be able to access the "Post a Job" screen.

On the “Post a Job” screen, you will be able to select the criteria for your job posting, including the contact information you wish display to candidates. You have the option of hiding or displaying your company name, contact name, title, email address, and phone and fax numbers.

If you choose to hide the information, your job will be displayed as a confidential posting, and candidate applications will be sent to both your inbox and the email address included in your posting regardless of whether it’s hidden or not.

To post a job on JobConnect, you need to have previously purchased a job credit.

You can view your available JobConnect credit(s) by logging into your account. Once logged in, you can see how many job credits you have available in the Account Summary located directly under the Welcome [your name] heading at the top of your account toolbox page.

If the bottom line of the summary indicates, "Your firm has 0 remaining job posts,” you will need to purchase a JobConnect credit. Follow the Click here to purchase additional jobs or services link to do so.

No. Jobs purchased for posting on JobConnect will only be posted on the CPA’s website. While the CPA has partnered with Workopolis Niche Networks to run JobConnect, jobs posted on the CPA’s JobConnect will only be accessible to CPA members and not affiliated with Workopolis.

JobConnect accepts all major credit cards for posting jobs. At this time employers cannot be invoiced for jobs. 

You can review and print copies of your invoices and receipts from your account toolbox.

Log in to your JobConnect account and click on the Invoice/Receipt History link near the bottom of the page. Indicate the date range appropriate to your purchase and click Submit. A list of all of the purchases you have made during the period selected will be displayed and available for printing or reviewing in either HTML or PDF format.

To change the format of the candidate application email from Text/HTML to Web Link, log in to your employer account and click on Edit Username and Password. There you will find Select desired format for matched candidates. Make your selection and click the Update button. This will update your account and return you to your account toolbox.

Immediately after you post your job on JobConnect, candidates will be able to view it through the Search Open Positions feature. Candidates will be able to send their resume to you directly if you have opted to display your email address or other contact information.

If you have opted to hide your contact information, candidates will be able to submit their Profile to you using the Apply Online option. This will send a copy of the candidate’s profile or a web link to both the email address you have included in the contact information section of your posting and your inbox on JobConnect. You can review the applications by email or login to your account and review them online.

When candidates apply to your posting, you will able to review their Profile, which contains a simple text version of their resume, job match preferences, cover letter (if submitted) and skills information.

When a profile arrives, JobConnect will match it against the criteria you entered when you posted your job. Candidates that match over 75% of your criteria will be designated as an A-list candidate; all others will be designated as B-list candidates.

A-list candidates are the candidates that match or exceed 75% of your job posting’s criteria; all others are designated as B-list candidates. Based on the criteria you have entered into your job posting, applications are classified as A-list or B-list candidates.

If you have any difficulty with sign-up or application process, or have any other questions about JobConnect, contact Customer Service: email or call 1.844.864.7355. We are available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET Monday to Friday.

Please contact the Customer Service number or email above before contacting the CPA, as the CPA cannot help you with the technical aspects of JobConnect.