Human Resources Webinar Series

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This webinar series is perfect for you if you are part of a Human Resources department, doing payroll and human resources as part of your job, or are a finance professional responsible for payroll and human resources operations.

The series includes:

  • New and Emerging HR Trends and Best Practices
  • What’s Keeping Your HR Colleagues up at Night,
  • Tips and Strategies for Payroll Professionals Wearing Multiple Hats.

Stay up-to-date in a year that has been full of change.

Who Should Attend?
Human Resources, Payroll, systems, accounting, and finance professionals responsible for payroll/human resources operations

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New and Emerging HR Trends and Best Practices

Best practices in one organization may not necessarily be the best practices in your company. However, there are certain principles and practices in the field of human resources management that are universally recognized as leading to more productive and engaged employees and an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice.

While certain fads come and go, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends that impact your ability to attract, retain, and motivate top talent and manage the ever-increasing legal and regulatory burden placed on employers.

In this webinar you will learn about current trends and emerging best practices relating to human capital metrics and reporting, flexible work arrangements, the contingent workforce, the duty to accommodate, rewards and recognition, learning and development, talent acquisition, succession planning, diversity and inclusion, candidate and employee experience, employer branding and more.

What’s Keeping Your HR Colleagues Up at Night

While HR and payroll are very different professions, there is a major overlap between the HR and payroll functions with respect to areas of responsibility and body of knowledge. In many cases, payroll and HR need to work very closely together to deliver people-related programs, and payroll professionals need to understand issues and concerns faced by their colleagues in the HR function.

Many of these issues are the same strategic concerns being pondered by executives in your organization. These issues include return to work challenges relating to COVID-19, skill and talent shortages, employee motivation, retention and engagement, attracting and retaining diverse talent, increased digitization of the economy and fears about the disruption of many departments, functions, and even entire industries.

Tips and Strategies for Payroll Professionals Wearing Multiple Hats

Research conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association shows that the majority of payroll professionals handle other responsibilities beyond payroll. This is particularly true in smaller organizations and employers that have outsourced payroll processing to a third party provider.

Whether you are part payroll professional and part HR practitioner, accountant, office manager, entrepreneur or executive assistant, you need to be able to balance the often conflicting demands of different aspects of your role. You also need to understand the goals and objectives of different functions, be able to delegate efficiently and effectively, manage your workload, work with trusted advisors and access professional development opportunities relating to different parts of your role.

In this webinar you will learn tips and strategies for managing multiple and conflicting priorities, delegating tasks to others, leading projects, managing internal and external relationships, working with outsourcing providers and consultants, giving pushback, managing your career and developing and acquiring the skills necessary to make you more effective in your current role.

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Study Option: Online
Study Option: Online

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