Two-Part Webinar Series: Part 2 - Interviews are About Telling Not Selling

Are you a student looking for payroll experience? Or, are you a current practitioner looking for your payroll dream job? In this competitive hiring environment, give yourself an advantage by fine-tuning your resume-building and interviewing skills with this exciting two-part webinar series!
Practice, practice, practice - that is how you ace an interview! Join career coach Colleen Clarke to discover how you can create and deliver powerful Situation, Action, Result (SAR) statements to impress your interviewers.
Interviews are about telling not selling. This engaging webinar will help you see the difference.  You’ll also learn how to make a great impression and deliver your offerings with enthusiasm and confidence.

A 90 minute ARCHIVED Web seminar providing relevant information with a recognized expert on the seminar subject, originally broadcasted on April 21, 2017.
Whether or not you have payroll experience, learn how to entice hiring managers to read your resume to the end and get called for the interview.
Facilitated by the CPA's Compliance Services and Programs department, each part of the 2-part webinar series will run 90 minutes (60 minute presentation and a 30 minute session to answer pre-submitted questions).


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LENGTH: 90 min

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