Statutory Holidays: Ensuring Compliance

Payroll practitioners have a big responsibility in transforming legislation into organizational policy. Given that there are so many aspects of employment and labour standards legislation and regulation that are multifaceted, this can be a challenge. The webinar will cover the federal, provincial and territorial legislation related to statutory holidays for all jurisdictions across Canada and will examine the following issues: Statutory holiday observance; employee entitlement; statutory holiday pay requirements for eligible employees; overtime calculation in weeks where there is a statutory holiday and much more.


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  • Recognized statutory holidays by jurisdiction
  • Determining employee eligibility
  • Statutory holiday pay entitlement
  • Calculating overtime
  • Impacts: Leaves, vacation, termination
  • Other considerations
  • Establishing a policy – best practices
  • Q & A period

This webinar will be facilitated by Payroll Compliance Advisors from the Compliance Services and Programs department at the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). This informative webinar will include live presentation and Q&A session.

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LENGTH: 90 Min