Session 3: Using Motivation and Recognition Effectively - Archived Webinar

This 3-part webinar series will equip managers with the tangible skills they need to effectively lead their people through the best of times and during times of uncertainty. Topics will include how to be a great leader for your people, how to engage and motivate your people, as well as the importance of recognizing the right behaviours for the right reasons.

Session 3: Using Motivation and Recognition Effectively

When employees look to a leader, they not only look for guidance and support, but also for motivation and recognition. Effective leaders create a work environment in which employees feel important, appreciated and have a sense of purpose. Through this session, participants will understand that when employees feel motivated, they are likely to strive for new goals which they never thought possible.


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  • The common factors that motivate and de-motivate your people
  • Understand the impact of using “why” and “how” to motivate your people
  • Discover the traits you need as a leader to motivate your people during challenging times
  • Understand why and how to recognize the right people for the right behaviours
  • The different types of recognition and examples of successful recognition

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LENGTH: 90 Mins

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