Employee Benefits: Analyzing Funding and Risk Model

Have you ever wondered how insurers calculate your employee benefits premium? Does it seem like a mystery to you as a buyer of group benefits on behalf of your employer? What are TLRs, IBNRs, Trends and Risk Fees?
You might be accountable for your Employee Benefits Renewal, but find yourself at a loss to understand insurer math – or worse – are not shown the calculations. Learn from an expert how to think like an insurer for your next employee benefits renewal.
This simple, 90 minute webinar will provide you with the following knowledge, skills and information so you can be an informed negotiator at your next employee benefits renewal:

  • How to analyze group benefit premiums like an insurance company
  • How to maximize the financial and risk value of your relationship with your group benefits provider
  • How to strengthen your knowledge of insurance math
  • How to be a better negotiator for your employee benefits renewal
This webinar is designed for individuals responsible for impacting the rates and risk profile of your employee benefits program, as well as those contributing to the fact-finding and decision-making of employee benefits plans.

A 90 minute ARCHIVED Web seminar providing relevant information with a recognized expert on the seminar subject, originally broadcasted on May 26, 2017.
This webinar includes a 60 minute presentation and 30 minute responses to pre-submitted questions as well as engaging polling questions.

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LENGTH: 90 min

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