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Network & Share: Automobile Benefits and Allowances- Kelowna

Share your experience, network and learn from other participants in an informal round table how other organizations handle the administration of Automobile Taxable Benefits and Allowances. Discussion topics may include but are not limited to: calculating and tracking automobile allowances and benefits. If time allows, other taxable benefits and allowances can be discussed.

Space Available Kelowna, BC


Network and Share: Disability Leaves and Absences - Montreal

Time: 8:00-10:00 AM Discussions on how to handle absences; CSST, SAAQ, Group Insurance unsupported leaves. Employee's without remuneration while decision is reached by Third party providers.

Full Montreal, QC


N&S: Workload Division & Separation of Duties - Langley

Share your experience, network and learn from other participants in an informal round table how other organizations handle the administration of division of workload in a multi-person payroll department, as well as what types of separation of duties does your organization follow? /

Almost Full Langley, BC


N & S: Striking a Balance: Hard & Soft Skills - Winnipeg

Come join the CPA's Winnipeg members as a Robert Half representative leads the discussion on acquired vs. soft skills and how they relate to the payroll professional. Topics of discussion to include: Trends in the Payroll world In-demand and Workplace skills Technological advancements in Payroll The E.Q. Factor

Space Available Winnipeg, MB


N&S-Retiring Allowance’s-Eligible and Non-Eligible-Edmonton

Come join the CPA’s Edmonton Branch for a network and share event on Retiring Allowances • Eligible and Non-Eligible. Do you pay retiring allowance’s? What does it mean to have an eligible and non-eligible amount for a retiring allowance? How are retiring allowances paid and reported?

Space Available Edmonton, AB


N & S :Terminations - Payroll Best Practices - Calgary

Are you looking to collaborate for terminations payroll best practices? Whether you are looking to share information or seek information, take part in building a network to strengthen your knowledge on how to manage and handle termination payments. Come learn from other participants in an open forum discussion, meet and mingle with other payroll professionals and expand your contact list. Please note that this event is hosted by CPA volunteers and no experts will be present.

Full Calgary, AB


N & S: Reporting Northern Benefits on T4s - Yellowknife

Peer group knowledge is an important resource and we know that you have plenty to share and gain! Share your experience, network and learn from participants in an informal environment as to how other organizations report Housing, Board and Lodging, Special Worksite Allowances, and Vacation Travel Assistance on T4s while complying with Canada Revenue Agency regulations as it relates to these benefits.

Space Available Yellowknife, NT