Applied Payroll Management

This course is the final core payroll course in the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) certification program.
Applied Payroll Management (APM) provides professionals with the opportunity to apply relevant management processes in a payroll department context. Benchmarking, best practices development and human resources skills - such as monitoring, assessing and supervising personnel - are utilized to enable the payroll professional to achieve organizational and career goals.

Introduction to Payroll Management. Students should also have a mastery of basic computer skills, including word processing, internet browsers and email software.

Students must first register with the post-secondary institution and pay the tuition fees. Students must also register with the Canadian Payroll Association and pay the Association's course fee and membership fee, if applicable.

Upon completion of Applied Payroll Management, you should be able to:

  • Define the legislative compliance role of a payroll professional, including how payroll can expand its role in an organization.
  • Analyze payroll’s relationship with the finance, human resources and information technology departments in an organization.
  • Participate in continuous improvement strategies through benchmarking and the application of best practices.
  • Identify the processes required for evaluating, implementing and maintaining new payroll systems.
  • Participate in the development of payroll employees through the use of cascading objectives, job design, professional development, succession planning and performance measurement.
  • Develop personal and professional career plans.
  • Demonstrate self-management using effective time and stress management strategies.

Course materials will be shipped to the post-secondary institution for distribution by your instructor to students who have registered with the Canadian Payroll Association for this course.

Students must achieve a minimum of 65% on the exam mark and 65% on the final course mark in order to pass the course. Grade Reports will be available to access/print approximately four weeks after the official end date for the course. For confidentiality reasons, marks cannot be given by phone, fax or email.
Cancellation Policy: Students who withdraw within the first three weeks of the term will receive a full refund from the Canadian Payroll Association, less a withdrawal fee of $150.00, plus applicable taxes.

CPM Certification Completion Timeline: Effective January 1, 2017, CPM students must complete all CPM certification courses, including the transfer credit courses, within 5 years from the start of their first successful IPM course. 
Maximum Course Attempts: Students are permitted a maximum of three attempts at any individual Canadian Payroll Association Course. In the event that a student fails a given CPM course three times (through the classroom or online study options), they will no longer be permitted to register for the course.

Study Option: Online
Study Option: Classroom

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