Transfer Credit Information

To assist you in completing the CPA’s payroll certification requirements, the Association has reviewed course calendars of over 180 post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Please search our online database of accepted courses offered at Canadian post-secondary institutions to find suggested equivalents for the CPA’s compulsory courses.


If a course does not appear on the CPA's Online Database, it simply means that the CPA Certification Department does not yet recognize the course. A detailed course outline or description must be submitted to the Certification Department for assessment of each unrecognized course. Click here to search our database of accepted courses at Canadian institutions.

Each course must:

  • Be obtained through a Canadian post-secondary institution (all international learning must first receive a detailed, course by course, comprehensive Canadian Equivalency Assessment).
  • Match the component description of one of the compulsory study requirements.
  • Be a minimum of 30 hours in length.
  • Be formally evaluated by an institute, and have a final exam worth 20%.
  • Have been taken within the past 20 years for PCP courses.
  • Have been taken within the past 10 years for CPM courses.
  • Have been completed with a minimum grade of 65%. (Note: all transfer credit courses finished prior to January 1, 2013, must have a minimum grade of 60%.)

Each unrecognized course must be accompanied by an outline stating:

  • the title of the course
  • the course number
  • the amount of (credit) hours
  • the content
  • the method of evaluation

Final course approval will be made by the CPA upon submission of:

  • Official transcript (grade reports, photocopies, and scanned copies are not accepted), or a detailed, comprehensive Canadian Equivalency Assessment
  • A completed Transfer Credit Application - click here for the Transfer Credit Application (PDF)
  • The applicable fee for each course

Click here to search our database of accepted courses to determine if a course is recognized as a valid equivalent for a certification credit.

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