Organizational Behaviour Management

This course must be taken at a post-secondary institution. To transfer this course as part of the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) certification program, click here.

The following learning outcomes must be met to be valid for credit transfer in the CPM program:

  • Understanding organizational behaviour and culture
  • Examining individual and group dynamics
  • Developing communication strategies, techniques and tools within various organizational structures
  • Understanding organizational power and politics, including differentiating leadership styles and theories
  • Understanding individual behaviour, personality and beliefs and motivational theories
  • Examining conflict and negotiations; and dealing with workplace emotions, attitudes, and stress
  • Investigating case studies (as a teaching methodology)
  • Understanding change management theories
  • Dealing with cross-cultural diversity and ethical issues
  • Exploring individual and organizational performance management
  • Understanding an organizational life cycle
  • Analyzing emerging issues such as demographics, societal and legislative changes

This course is not offered through the CPA directly. Click here to search our database of accepted courses to determine if a course is recognized as a valid equivalent for credit transfer.

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