Compensation & Benefits Management

This course must be taken at a post-secondary institution. To transfer this course as part of the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) certification program, click here.

The following learning outcomes must be met to be valid for credit transfer in the CPM program:

  • Identifying monetary versus non-monetary rewards
  • Understanding compensation benefits management principals, including:
    • Merit pay, surveys, pay for performance, pay equity
    • Incentive plans
    • Benefits (e.g., profit sharing, employee assistance programs)
  • Defining benefit programs based on:
    • Principals of group insurance
    • Understanding different pensions
    • Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing company benefits
    • Reward and compensation systems
    • General strategies for controlling benefit costs
    • Group trusts
  • Building a competitive compensation package
  • Managing cost control
  • Undertaking job analysis and evaluation
  • Ensuring compliance with compensation legislation and the role of government in pay equity and employment equity

This course is not offered through the CPA directly. Click here to search our database of accepted courses to determine if a course is recognized as a valid equivalent for credit transfer.

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