CPM Certification Reinstatement

An individual with a withdrawn Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) certification may apply for reinstatement of his/her CPM certification within three years following the date of withdrawal of certification by:

  1. Completing the CPM reinstatement Case Study.
  2. Joining, or maintaining membership with, the Canadian Payroll Association and paying applicable annual membership due.
  3. Paying a reinstatement fee of $200 plus applicable taxes.

Steps to apply for reinstatement:

  1. Complete the CPM Case Study successfully.
    A maximum of two attempts is permitted to successfully pass the Case Study. If unsuccessful with the first attempt, one additional attempt is permitted. Please note that both attempts must fall within the period stated above (three years). Your final result will be based on your last attempt. The Case Study must be written in a test centre.

    To register for the CPM Case Study, click here.
    Please click here to access a sample of the Case Study.

    Once you have completed the Case Study, you will receive your result by e-mail within 4-6 weeks. Print and submit a copy of the e-mail with your Certification Reinstatement Application package for reinstatement.

    If you do not pass the Case Study, you must take and successfully pass both the Introduction to Payroll Management (IPM) and Applied Payroll Management (APM) courses with a minimum grade of 65% in each, within 12 months from your last Case Study completion date. Once you have successfully passed both courses, enclose a copy of your transcripts with your Certification Reinstatement package.

  2. Join, or maintain your membership with, the Canadian Payroll Association and pay the applicable annual membership dues:
    If you are currently employed by an Organization member of the Canadian Payroll Association, please contact membership@payroll.ca for more information on how you can be added under its membership roster.

  3. Complete the CPM Certification Reinstatement Application Form (PDF), which includes:
    • Paying a reinstatement fee of $200 plus applicable taxes
    • Agreeing to comply with the ongoing requirements of certification:
      • Maintain a membership with the Canadian Payroll Association through a Professional [individual] membership or the Organization membership of your employer (annual membership fees are required);
      • Adhere to the CPA 's Code of Professional Conduct; and
      • Meet the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements.

  4. Mail or fax your Certification Reinstatement Application package to the Canadian Payroll Association:
    The Canadian Payroll Association National Office
    c/o Certification Department
    1600 - 250 Bloor Street East
    Toronto, ON M4W 1E6
    Fax: 416.487.3384
Your Certification Reinstatement Application package must include a:
  1. Successful Case Study result e-mail, or a copy of your IPM and APM transcripts
  2. Membership application form (if applicable)
  3. Completed CPM Certification Reinstatement Application Form

Note: Incomplete Certification Reinstatement Application packages will not be processed and will be discarded. Please ensure that all steps listed above have been completed prior to submission.


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