Early Bird deadlines for seminars are two weeks prior to seminar dates.

Online Registration (Preferred)

  • Click on the name of the seminar you wish to attend and follow the steps (credit card or INTERAC Online only).
Mail or Fax Registration
  • Download the registration form (PDF Form - cheque or credit card): Complete form and fax it to 416-487-3384. If you are paying by cheque, send the form with your cheque to the address provided on the form.

Note: Full payment must be received to initiate your registration. Less than two weeks prior to the seminar date all registrants will be charged the regular rates. Registration prices will be charged based on the date payment is received online or by mail/fax by the CPA National Office.

Start DateTitleEvent CodeCityEvent Province
11/23/2017Legislative Update: Year- End ( Half Day AM) - Edmonton561021_17EdmontonAB561021_17
11/23/2017Legislative Update: Year- End ( Half Day PM) - Edmonton561022_17EdmontonAB561022_17
11/23/2017(FULL) - 2017 Year End- Calgary562033_17CalgaryAB562033_17
11/23/20172017 Year End - Red Deer569403_17Red DeerAB569403_17
11/24/2017Legislative Update: Year- End ( Half Day AM) - Calgary562035_17CalgaryAB562035_17
11/24/20172017 Year End - Saskatoon569108_17SaskatoonSK569108_17
11/29/20172017 Year End- Edmonton561023_17EdmontonAB561023_17
11/29/20172017 Year End - Yellowknife569302_17YellowknifeNT569302_17
11/30/20172017 Year End- Calgary562027_17CalgaryAB562027_17
12/6/20172017 Year End- Edmonton561024_17EdmontonAB561024_17
12/7/20172017 Year End- Calgary562029_17CalgaryAB562029_17
12/7/20172017 Year End - Brandon569601_17BrandonMB569601_17
12/7/20172017 Year End - Swift Current569702_17Swift CurrentSK569702_17
12/8/20172017 Year End- Winnipeg564018_17WinnipegMB564018_17
12/14/20172017 Year End- Calgary562032_17CalgaryAB562032_17
1/11/20182017 Year End- Calgary562001_18CalgaryAB562001_18
1/11/20182017 Year End- Winnipeg564001_18WinnipegMB564001_18
1/12/20182017 Year End- Edmonton561001_18EdmontonAB561001_18
2/8/2018Employment Standards - Edmonton561002_18EdmontonAB561002_18
2/9/2018Employment Standards - Calgary562002_18CalgaryAB562002_18
2/15/2018Taxable Benefits - Edmonton561003_18EdmontonAB561003_18
2/15/2018Employment Standards - Winnipeg564002_18WinnipegMB564002_18
2/16/2018Taxable Benefits - Calgary562003_18CalgaryAB562003_18
3/15/2018Learning Payroll I - Calgary562004_18CalgaryAB562004_18
3/16/2018Learning Payroll II - Calgary562005_18CalgaryAB562005_18
3/22/2018Learning Payroll I- Edmonton561004_18EdmontonAB561004_18
3/23/2018Learning Payroll II- Edmonton561005_18EdmontonAB561005_18
3/23/2018Taxable Benefits - Winnipeg564003_18WinnipegMB564003_18