Managerial Accounting

This course must be taken at a post-secondary institution. To transfer this course as part of the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) certification program, click here.

The following learning outcomes must be met for it to be a valid transfer credit in the CPM program.

  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Preparing budgets and differentiating between capital and operating budgets
  • Understanding cost accounting methodologies
  • Understanding responsibility and variance reporting and analysis
  • Achieving effective decision-making
  • Identifying the major differences between managerial reporting and financial reporting
  • Conducting Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis including:
    • Calculation of break-even
  • Undertaking contingency planning
  • Identifying professional accounting codes of ethics and their relation to corporate governance
  • Explaining the use of a Balance Scorecard

This course is not offered through the CPA directly. Click here to search our database of accepted courses to determine if a course is recognized as a valid equivalent for credit transfer.