Certification Reinstatement

An individual may apply for reinstatement of CPA certification within the three years following the date of withdrawal of certification by:

  1. Completing the Payroll Knowledge Evaluator with a minimum grade of 65% for each course component.
  2. Joining the Association and paying applicable annual membership dues.
  3. Paying a reinstatement fee of $150 plus applicable taxes.

Note: Once the 3 year timeline is passed, the individual must take the core payroll courses once again to reinstate the certification.

Steps to apply for reinstatement:

1 - Complete the Payroll Knowledge Evaluator (PKE) with a minimum grade of 65% for each course component.

Note: For reinstatement purposes, individuals must take the Full Body of Knowledge Evaluator

  • A maximum of two attempts is permitted to successfully complete the evaluator. For reinstatement purposes a minimum grade of 65% on each course component is required. If unsuccessful with the first attempt, one other final attempt is permitted within the period stated above. Your final grades will be based on your last attempt.

To order the Payroll Knowledge Evaluator, click here.

  • Once you have successfully completed the PKE with a minimum grade of 65% on each course component, print and submit the Payroll Knowledge Evaluator results along with your application for reinstatement. You will have access to your results for 30 days after you complete the PKE.
  • If you do not achieve a grade of 65% on a course(s) component, you must take and successfully pass the course(s) with a minimum grade of 65% within 6 months from your last PKE completion date.
  • Once you have successfully passed the course(s), enclose a copy of your transcript to the package.

2 - Join the CPA and pay the applicable annual membership dues:

For the Professional [individual] membership form click: Professional Application Form (pdf)

For the Organization [via your employer] membership form click: Organization Membership Application Form (pdf)

If you are currently employed by an Organization member of the CPA, please contact membership@payroll.ca for more information on how you can be added under their membership roster.

3 - Complete the Certification Reinstatement Application Form (pdf), which includes:

  • Paying a reinstatement fee of $150 plus applicable taxes
  • Agreeing to comply with the ongoing requirements of certification:
    • Maintain a membership with the CPA through a Professional [individual] membership or the Organization membership of your employer (annual membership fees are required)
    • Adhere to the CPA's Code of Professional Conduct
    • Meet the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements

4 - Mail, fax or email your Certification Reinstatement Application package to the CPA:

The CPA National Office
c/o Certification Department
1600 - 250 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 1E6
Email: Certification@Payroll.ca

Your Certification Reinstatement Application package should include:
  1. A membership application form (if applicable)
  2. A Payroll Knowledge Evaluator report (proof of attaining 65% for each course component)
  3. A completed Certification Reinstatement Application Form

Note: Incomplete Certification Reinstatement Application packages will not be processed and will be discarded. Please ensure that all steps listed above have been completed prior to submission.