The Owner/Manager's Payroll Manual - Alberta Edition / British Columbia Edition / Ontario Edition / Quebec Edition - Loose-leaf

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If you are an owner or manager, time is of the essence! This Manual (available in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec editions) helps you minimize your time spent on complex payroll matters. Everything you need is in one place.

Designed specifically for companies with employees in only one jurisdiction, each edition is province-specific and details each and every aspect of hiring, paying and terminating employees. Comprehensive instructions, examples, charts and checklists enable you to carry out responsibilities in areas such as hiring, employment standards, statutory deductions, taxable earnings and benefits, and much more.

Table of Contents

  • Status of Legislation
  • Budget Bulletins
  • Part I: Taxable Earnings/Benefits
    • Earnings
    • Allowances and Expenses
    • Taxable Benefits
  • Part II: Statutory Deductions
    • Canada Pension Plan
    • Employment Insurance
    • Income Tax
    • Year-end Reporting
    • Garnishments, etc.
  • Part III: Non-Statutory Deductions
    • Pensions
    • Other Non-Statutory Deductions
  • Part IV: Human Resources Management
    • Hiring and Evaluating Staff
    • Employment Standards
    • Terminations
  • Part V: Provincial Plans
    • Employer Health Tax
    • Workers’ Compensation Reporting
  • Part VI: Appendices
    • Month-end Reporting
    • Sample Payroll
    • Resources
    • Forms

Subscribers to any of the provincial editions have access to a special 1-800-661-6828 Payroll Consultant Hotline, providing expert advice from Carswell's team of professional payroll consultants.