Carswell Payroll SourceTM

If staying current and getting immediate, practical and authoritative Canadian payroll information is essential to your job, we have the service you need. This service includes access to Carswell Payroll Hotline at 1-800-661-6828 as well as e-mail alert updates.

About Carswell Payroll SourceTM

Price: $979.20 CPA Members / $1,224.00 Non-Members
Type: Annual Subscription


CPA Members get 20% off the regular price of all new subscriptions* of Carswell payroll publications using this code 66477.

To purchase, visit or call Carswell’s order desk at 1-800-387-5164.

*This discount applies to new subscriptions only, and does not apply to renewals or reinstatements of recently cancelled subscriptions.

Carswell Payroll SourceTM is the ultimate research tool for the Canadian payroll professional. It is the first and only payroll resource that brings everything together in one convenient subscription service. Answer key payroll questions with confidence; keep on top of new and upcoming developments; and gain access to tax, legal and payroll specific compliance information and advice.

With Carswell Payroll SourceTM...

  • Gain instant access to the full text of the Canadian Payroll Manual - Carswell's leading payroll compliance guide - and all related legislation and regulations.
  • Understand and resolve complex payroll compliance issues with ease.
  • Don't know the answer? Call our Payroll Consultant Hotline for guidance.
  • Keep abreast of news, issues and trends in payroll administration and management.
  • Avoid lawsuits.
  • Avoid red tape.
  • Avoid workplace hassles.
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment & competence by being an expert in your professional subject area.
  • Provide relevant information and advice to your colleagues.
  • Enjoy access to 74 payroll deduction and tax forms and 39 Canada Revenue Agency Bulletins and Guides.

Create more time in your day - we understand how busy you are. Now the information is just a click or phone call away!