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U.K. Payroll Administration for Canadians

Two-day Seminar

For certified members, this seminar counts toward 15 hours of continuing professional education. Click here to find a date and location in your area.

Payroll Administration in the U.K. provides cost-effective, flexible training for you and your entire staff. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of processing a U.K. payroll. The seminar covers indispensable training, including PAYE, NICs, statutory payments and a high level overview of jury service, court orders and student loan.


This seminar is ideal for international organizations that operate in the U.K., payroll professionals who are responsible for U.K. payrolls, payroll service providers who process U.K. payrolls, and accounting and other financial professionals with a functional responsibility for U.K. payrolls.

This seminar is presented with the cooperation of the CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PAYROLL PROFESSIONALS.

Days 1: Introduction to PAYE, NICs and a high level overview of Jury Service, Court Orders and Student Loan.

This training provides a solid grounding in core payroll skills. It will give you the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) skills necessary for the preparation of manual payments, correction of errors and the understanding of systems output. Comprehensive documentation is provided and practical exercises and discussions will be undertaken.

Course Content

  • Calculating Gross Pay
  • Apportionment of Gross Pay
  • Voluntary Deductions
  • Statutory Deductions
  • The Pay Statement
  • Tax Codes and Tax Free Pay
  • Tax Percentages and Rates
  • P45 and P46 Procedure
  • Use of Tax/NIC Tables
  • NI Percentages and Rates
  • NI Rebates
  • Starters and Leavers
  • Court Orders
  • Student Loans
  • Attachment of Earnings Order AEO)
  • Jury Service

Day 2: Introduction to Statutory Payments

Statutory payments are a common area of confusion for payroll staff. Legislation for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP), Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) and Statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) is frequently changing, and although Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) has remained largely unchanged for the last twenty years, misunderstandings between statutory and occupational entitlement are common.

This training concentrates on the complex rules of SMP, SPP, SAP, SSP and associated leave, and contains all recent legislative changes. Clear explanations are given on qualification, entitlement and calculation of the above statutory payments and leave. Comprehensive documentation is provided, including current statutory payments tables.

Course Content

  • Statutory Obligations
  • Statutory Entitlement and Qualification Criteria
  • Exclusions and Ceasing Entitlement
  • Terminology
  • Calculating Payments
  • Record Keeping and Statutory Forms
  • Revenue Audit Processes and Penalties for Non-compliance
  • Recovery Procedures and Offsetting
  • Resolving Disagreements on Entitlement