Canadian Payroll Association Recommends Annual Year-end Tune-up

TORONTO (Oct 29, 2014) — Organizations typically do not budget for CRA fines and penalties as part of their payroll year-end process. That’s because they rely on those with payroll responsibilities for accurate and compliant year-end filing. One of the biggest concerns among payroll practitioners is maintaining current knowledge to minimize risk to the organization. Fortunately, the risk of non-compliance can be managed by using the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) as a timely and topical year-end information resource.

Those responsible for a payroll year-end in Canada should be aware of the Canadian Payroll Association’s seminar, Year-End and New Year Requirements.

“This is the one seminar that people take year after year,” says Cheryl Ball, CPM, Payroll Consultant at the CPA. “People working in payroll appreciate just how complex it is. New legislation, revisions, interpretations and rate adjustments are the norm in payroll. That’s why we hear them say that they worry about what they don’t know. The only way to deal with it is to be proactive.”

This year there are several complex jurisdictional updates that require a payroll staff’s attention and investing a day in one of the Canadian Payroll Association's Year-end and New Year Requirements Seminars can make the difference. These seminars enhance compliance and make the entire year, including year-end, go smoothly. They provide all the necessary legislative updates, but in the context of a full year-end review that includes best practices and practical tips.

“Even though I had more than two decades of experience I would attend this course every year when I worked directly in payroll,” says Ball, who now delivers this comprehensive seminar as one of the CPA’s experienced facilitators.

 “The reality is that people in payroll want to do their job well. They strive for that accurate and compliant year-end. The good news is that when you have a work plan that accounts for all requirements and actions to be taken for the year, then you are ready for year-end when it arrives. It prepares you for a smooth year-end and you don’t have to waste time and energy worrying about what you don’t know. You can feel very confident in your work and so can everyone who depends on your knowledge.”

Year-end and New Year Requirements is available in November and December at various locations across Canada, and limited locations in January.

About the Canadian Payroll Association:

Canada’s 1.5 million employers rely on payroll practitioners to ensure the timely and accurate annual payment of $860 billion in wages and taxable benefits, $268 billion in statutory remittances to the federal and provincial governments, and $94 billion in health and retirement benefits, while complying with more than 190 federal and provincial regulatory requirements. Since 1978, the Canadian Payroll Association has annually influenced the payroll compliance practices and processes of over five hundred thousand organizational payrolls. As the authoritative source of Canadian payroll knowledge, the CPA promotes payroll leadership through advocacy and education. For more information on the Association’s Professional Development Seminars, Certification Programs, and the Benefits of Membership visit

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