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Keynote Sessions

Wednesday, June 14 — 9 AM-10 AM

Jeanne Beker
Iconic Fashion Journalist

Finding Myself in Fashion
More than 30 years ago, Jeanne Beker set out to live a life that was extraordinary. She traveled the world, witnessed epic events, conducted intimate interviews as a fashion reporter, launched her own clothing label, wrote newspaper columns, and hosted and appeared on innumerable television shows. Through it all, she stuck to her youthful resolution to live life fully. Recounting the highs (and lows) of her life thus far, Beker will inspire you to dream big and generate momentum in your own life and career. Now, as a long-time celebrity, and as one of the most influential and fabulous women in the fashion industry, Beker speaks about how she rose to the top of arts and culture media as the iconic host of TV’s Fashion Television, along with what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Thursday, June 15 — 1 PM-2 PM

Preet Banerjee
Behavioural Finance Expert

Behavioural Finance: Why We Are Hard-Wired To Make Bad Money Decisions

Payroll professionals are financial literacy advocates who know that making better financial decisions can lower stress and increase productivity both at home and at work. In his keynote address, Preet Banerjee, financial panelist on CBC’s The National and contributor to The Morning Show on Global, will inspire you to become financially empowered and to help others do the same. Bringing together his background in neuroscience, finance, and even cars, Banerjee explains how the human brain is hard-wired to make bad decisions about money, and what you can do about it. Banerjee’s engaging presentation will uncover the complexities of behavioural and personal finance to help take the complexity out of money matters.



Friday, June 16 — 1 PM-2 PM

Anna Olson
Culinary Master | Host of Bake with Anna Olson

A Balanced Plate

Like most people, Anna Olson juggles a busy and varied schedule. In her keynote address, Olson will share her insights for cooking and eating well during these busy times, while drawing on endearing stories and real-life examples to make her point. After working a brief stint in the banking world, Olson took her love of cooking from a personal passion to a professional career. Now a culinary master, Olson is most recognized as the host of Food Network Canada’s Bake with Anna Olson. Join Olson as she shares her insights on how to achieve a “balanced plate” in times of stress.