Network & Share Events

Start DateTitleEvent CodeRegion Code
10/27/2016COMPLET-Réseautage: Trucs et Astuces de Fin d'Année-Montréal535918_16Quebec Regional Office535918_16
10/28/2016N & S Resources: Volunteer Info Session - Corner Brook521906_16Atlantic Regional Office521906_16
10/28/2016NETWORK & SHARE: Year End Checklists - London544901_16Ontario Regional Office544901_16
10/28/2016N & S: Check List- Hire and Terminations- Markham551910_16Ontario Regional Office551910_16
11/1/2016Network & Share: Saskatchewan Labour Standards - Regina563906_16Alberta Regional Office563906_16
11/3/2016N & S: Severance or Salary Continuance - Dartmouth522909_16Atlantic Regional Office522909_16
11/3/2016Network & Share: International Payrolls - Vancouver571911_16BC Regional Office571911_16
11/7/2016Network & Share: Payroll Audit and Documentation - Edmonton561926_16Alberta Regional Office561926_16
11/15/2016Network & Share: Return To Work Programs - Regina563907_16Alberta Regional Office563907_16
11/16/2016N&S: Auto and Home Office Taxable Benefits - Fredericton523904_16Atlantic Regional Office523904_16
11/16/2016Network & Share: Planning Your Payroll Calendar - Edmonton561927_16Alberta Regional Office561927_16
11/16/2016Network & Share: Planning Your Payroll Calendar - Edmonton561928_16Alberta Regional Office561928_16
11/16/2016Network & Share: Planning Your Payroll Calendar - Edmonton561929_16Alberta Regional Office561929_16
11/16/2016Network & Share: Year-end Checklist - Saanichton574908_16BC Regional Office574908_16
11/18/2016Network & Share: Changing Pay Periods - St. John's521908_16Atlantic Regional Office521908_16
11/23/2016N & S: Workers Compensation Assessable Earnings - Edmonton561930_16Alberta Regional Office561930_16
11/23/2016N & S: Workers Compensation Assessable Earnings - Edmonton561931_16Alberta Regional Office561931_16
11/23/2016N & S: Workers Compensation Assessable Earnings - Edmonton561932_16Alberta Regional Office561932_16
11/23/2016Network & Share: Payroll Continuity - Calgary562917_16Alberta Regional Office562917_16
11/24/2016Network & Share:NWT Payroll Tax Annual Returns - Yellowknife569907_16Alberta Regional Office569907_16
11/24/2016Network & Share:Employment Insurance Presentation- Saskatoon569910_16Alberta Regional Office569910_16
12/2/2016Network & Share: Time and Attendance - Albany526901_16Atlantic Regional Office526901_16
12/7/2016N&S: EI Benefits-How To Answer Employees Questions - Halifax522910_16Atlantic Regional Office522910_16