Network & Share Events

Start DateTitleEvent CodeRegion Code
4/26/2017N & S: CPA Tools & Guidelines - Dartmouth522902_17Atlantic Regional Office522902_17
4/26/2017FULL- Severance or Salary Continuance - Mississauga552902_17Ontario Regional Office552902_17
4/26/2017Network & Share: Social Media and Your Career - Edmonton561902_17Alberta Regional Office561902_17
5/5/2017Réseautage: Gestion des Absences Non Rémunérées - Laval535906_17Quebec Regional Office535906_17
5/5/2017Réseautage: Temps et Présence - Montreal535908_17Quebec Regional Office535908_17
5/11/2017Réseautage: Départ et Congédiement - Montréal535909_17Quebec Regional Office535909_17
5/11/2017Network and Share: US Payroll - Mississauga552901_17Ontario Regional Office552901_17
5/11/2017Network & Share: Checklist: Hire and Terminations - Kelowna573901_17BC Regional Office573901_17
5/11/2017Network & Share: Communicating Non-Compliance - Abbotsford575902_17BC Regional Office575902_17
5/12/2017Network & Share:Business Card Exchange - Calgary562907_17Alberta Regional Office562907_17
5/17/2017N & S:New Hire Best Practices and the TD1 Estimator-Edmonton561903_17Alberta Regional Office561903_17
5/18/2017N & S: Record of Employment - Mount Pearl521902_17Atlantic Regional Office521902_17
5/18/2017Réseautage: Les Outils de l'ACP - Québec535907_17Quebec Regional Office535907_17
5/18/2017Network & Share:Inside CPA's Calgary Branch - Calgary562908_17Alberta Regional Office562908_17
5/23/2017N & S: Communication Payroll Messages - Halifax522903_17Atlantic Regional Office522903_17
5/31/2017Network & Share: Mid Year Review and Balancing - Edmonton561904_17Alberta Regional Office561904_17
6/1/2017Réseautage: Gestion des Fériés - Laval535910_17Quebec Regional Office535910_17
6/8/2017Network & Share: T4's in July! - Calgary562909_17Alberta Regional Office562909_17
6/9/2017Reseautage: Gestion des Erreurs de Paie - Boisbriand535911_17Quebec Regional Office535911_17
8/31/2017N & S:Vacation Part 2 - Tracking & Reconciliation - Calgary562910_17Alberta Regional Office562910_17
10/20/2017Réseautage: Trucs et Astuces de Paie - Saint-Eustache535912_17Quebec Regional Office535912_17