Network & Share Events

Start DateTitleEvent CodeRegion Code
10/23/2017Network & Share: CPA Tools and Guidelines - Toronto551508_17Ontario Regional Office551508_17
10/25/2017Network & Share: Meet and Greet Session in Banff - Banff562912_17Alberta Regional Office562912_17
10/26/2017Réseautage: Relations Paie et Autres Départements - Montreal535917_17Quebec Regional Office535917_17
10/26/2017N& S:Severance OR Salary Continuancel - Mississauga552911_17Ontario Regional Office552911_17
10/26/2017Network & Share: Mergers and Acquisitions - Edmonton561907_17Alberta Regional Office561907_17
10/27/2017Network & Share: External Audits - Vaughan551901_17Ontario Regional Office551901_17
11/1/2017(FULL) Network & Share: Payroll System Styles - Burnaby571906_17BC Regional Office571906_17
11/15/2017Network & Share:Developing Your Leadership Skills - Edmonton561908_17Alberta Regional Office561908_17
11/20/2017N & S:Workers Safety & Compensation Commission - Yellowknife569902_17Alberta Regional Office569902_17
11/20/2017N&S: Landing a Payroll Practitioner Position - Victoria574904_17BC Regional Office574904_17
11/23/2017Network & Share: Salary Overpayments - Langley575904_17BC Regional Office575904_17
11/29/2017N& S: Workers Compensation Across Canada - Mississauga552913_17Ontario Regional Office552913_17
11/30/2017N& S: Workers Compensation Across Canada - Mississauga552912_17Ontario Regional Office552912_17