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8/31/2016Network & Share: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle - Bayer's Lake522906_16NS522906_16
8/31/2016Introduction à la Fin D’année Au Québec - Montréal531022_16QC531022_16
9/1/2016Certification Information Session - Toronto551916_16ON551916_16
9/1/2016Learning Payroll I - Toronto551045_16ON551045_16
9/2/2016Learning Payroll II - Toronto551046_16ON551046_16
9/6/2016N A I T - Introduction To Payroll Management ABF16IPM715
9/6/2016PCL - N A I T (Payroll Compliance Legislation) Part TimeF16PCL215ABF16PCL215
9/6/2016PCL - NSCC - Burridge Campus (Full-Time)F16PCL242NSF16PCL242
9/6/2016PCL - CCNB Bathurst (LCP)F16PCL246NBF16PCL246
9/6/2016PF1 - N A I T (Payroll Fundamentals 1) Part TimeF16PF1215ABF16PF1215
9/6/2016PF2 - Fanshawe College (Part Time)F16PF2220ONF16PF2220
9/7/2016NEW DATE - Taxable Benefits - Ottawa541005_16ON541005_16
9/7/2016PCL - NBCC - Miramichi Campus (Full-Time)F16PCL292NBF16PCL292
9/7/2016PCL - NBCC - Woodstock Campus (Full-Time)F16PCL295NBF16PCL295
9/7/2016PCL - Niagara College (Payroll Compliance Legislation)F16PCL298ONF16PCL298
9/7/2016PF1 - Fanshawe College (Part Time)F16PF1220ONF16PF1220
9/7/2016PF1 - Seneca College Full-Time (Payroll Fund. 1)F16PF1381ONF16PF1381
9/7/2016PF2 - N A I T (Payroll Fundamentals 2) Part TimeF16PF2215ABF16PF2215
9/8/2016Exploring the Landscape of Privacy and Payroll505027_16 505027_16
9/9/2016Payroll Accounting - Vancouver571030_16BC571030_16
9/10/2016PCL - Seneca College (Part-time) SaturdayF16PCL285ONF16PCL285
9/10/2016PF1 - Seneca College (Part-time) SaturdayF16PF1285ONF16PF1285
9/10/2016PF2 - Seneca College (Part-time) SaturdayF16PF2285ONF16PF2285
9/10/2016PF2 - Online - September (Payroll Fundamentals 2)F16PF2809 F16PF2809
9/10/2016PF2 - En Ligne- Sept (Principes Fondamentaux II)FrançaisF16PF2809F F16PF2809F
9/12/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - St. John's506202_16NL506202_16
9/12/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Sudbury506405_16ON506405_16
9/12/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Edmonton506601_16AB506601_16
9/12/2016National Payroll Week Luncheon - Edmonton506602_16AB506602_16
9/12/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Surrey506701_16BC506701_16
9/12/2016Fanshawe - Introduction To Payroll Management ONF16IPM720
9/12/2016PCL - Fanshawe College (Part Time)F16PCL220ONF16PCL220
9/12/2016PCL - Algonquin College (Full-Time)F16PCL234ONF16PCL234
9/12/2016PF1 - Niagara College (Part-time)F16PF1298ONF16PF1298
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Moncton506203_16NB506203_16
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - London506402_16ON506402_16
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Ajax506503_16ON506503_16
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Grande Prairie506603_16AB506603_16
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Winnipeg506604_16MB506604_16
9/13/2016National Payroll Week Breakfast - Kelowna506702_16BC506702_16
9/13/2016Seneca College - Introduction To Payroll Management ONF16IPM707
9/13/2016Sheridan College- HMC (Introduction To Payroll Management) ONF16IPM710
9/13/2016PCL - Conestoga College (Payroll Compliance Legislation)F16PCL218ONF16PCL218
9/13/2016PCL - Red River CollegeF16PCL223MBF16PCL223
9/13/2016PCL - George Brown College (Payroll Compliance Legislation)F16PCL224ONF16PCL224
9/13/2016LCP - CEGEP - M Victorin (Mixte) FrançaisF16PCL231FQCF16PCL231F
9/13/2016PCL - Centennial College Part-TimeF16PCL239ONF16PCL239
9/13/2016PCL - Seneca College (Part-time) TuesdayF16PCL285AONF16PCL285A
9/13/2016PCL - Humber College (Part-time)F16PCL294ONF16PCL294
9/13/2016PF1 - Seneca College (Part-time) TuesdayF16PF1285AONF16PF1285A