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2/23/2017Taxable Benefits - London544001_17ON544001_17
2/23/2017HR Fundamentals - Burnaby571003_17BC571003_17
2/23/2017FP1 - CEGEP - M Victorin (Mixte) FrancaisW17PF1231FQCW17PF1231F
2/24/2017CANCELLED-Payroll Essentials - Kingston545001_17ON545001_17
2/24/2017Pensions & Benefits - Kitchener547002_17ON547002_17
2/24/2017Pensions & Benefits - Toronto551005_17ON551005_17
2/24/2017HR Fundamentals - Kelowna573001_17BC573001_17
2/27/2017PF1 - Mount Royal UniversityW17PF1214ABW17PF1214
2/27/2017PF2 - NBCC - Moncton Campus (Full-Time)W17PF2396NBW17PF2396
2/27/2017PF2 - NBCC - Woodstock Campus (Full-Time)W17PF2397NBW17PF2397
2/28/2017Network & Share: Inside CPA's Regina Branch - Regina563901_17SK563901_17
3/1/2017Learning Payroll I - Toronto551006_17ON551006_17
3/1/2017PCL - Online - March (Payroll Compliance Legislation)S17PCL803 S17PCL803
3/1/2017LCP En Ligne Mars (Legislation Sur la Conformite)FrancaisS17PCL803F S17PCL803F
3/2/2017Pensions & Benefits - Ottawa541003_17ON541003_17
3/2/2017Learning Payroll II - Toronto551007_17ON551007_17
3/3/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - London544002_17ON544002_17
3/3/2017Payroll Essentials - Mississauga/ CHSI552003_17ON552003_17
3/7/2017PCL - Mount Royal UniversityW17PCL214ABW17PCL214
3/7/2017PF2 - Mount Royal UniversityW17PF2214ABW17PF2214
3/8/2017Taxable Benefits - Kitchener547003_17ON547003_17
3/9/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional -Toronto551008_17ON551008_17
3/9/2017Learning Payroll I - Vancouver571005_17BC571005_17
3/10/2017Learning Payroll II - Vancouver571006_17BC571006_17
3/10/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Victoria574002_17BC574002_17
3/10/2017PF2 - Online - March (Payroll Fundamentals 2)S17PF2803 S17PF2803
3/10/2017PF2 - En Ligne Mars (Principes Fondamentaux II)FrancaisS17PF2803F S17PF2803F
3/11/2017FP1 - CEGEP - M Victorin (Mixte) FrancaisW17PF1231AQCW17PF1231A
3/13/2017Cegep Marie Victorin - Introduction a la Gestion de la Paie QCW17IPM731
3/14/2017Mt Royal University - Applied Payroll Management ABW17APM714
3/14/2017PCL - CEGEP - M Victorin (Blended) AnglaisW17PCL231EQCW17PCL231E
3/15/2017PCL Challenge Exam Online - MarchS17PCL603 S17PCL603
3/15/2017LCP - Option Défi en Ligne Mars Législ. Sur la Confor)S17PCL603F S17PCL603F
3/15/2017PF1 Challenge Exam Online - MarchS17PF1603 S17PF1603
3/15/2017PF1 - Option Défi en Ligne Mars ( Principes Fond. I)S17PF1603F S17PF1603F
3/15/2017PF2 Challenge Exam Online - MarchS17PF2603 S17PF2603
3/15/2017PF2 - Option Défi en Ligne Mars (Principes Fond. II)S17PF2603F S17PF2603F
3/15/2017PF1 - CEGEP - M Victorin (Blended) AnglaisW17PF1231EQCW17PF1231E
3/16/2017Réseautage: Retour Sur Fin d'Année, Trucs, Astuces - Québec535901_17QC535901_17
3/16/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional -Burlington546001_17ON546001_17
3/16/2017Learning Payroll I - Calgary562004_17AB562004_17
3/16/2017Pensions & Benefits - Vancouver571007_17BC571007_17
3/16/2017Learning Payroll I - Prince George579001_17BC579001_17
3/16/2017PF2 - CEGEP - M Victorin (Blended) AnglaisW17PF2231EQCW17PF2231E
3/17/2017Best Practices of Employee Group Benefits - Montreal531004_17QC531004_17
3/17/2017Réseautage: Forces et Faiblesses des Logiciels de Paie-Laval535902_17QC535902_17
3/17/2017Taxable Benefits - Ajax551009_17ON551009_17
3/17/2017Learning Payroll II - Calgary562005_17AB562005_17
3/17/2017Learning Payroll II - Prince George579002_17BC579002_17
3/20/2017Introduction à la Gestion de la Paie - Enligne Français  S17IPM803F